I was always known as the quiet girl who never made a move to speak up about anything, but rather stay in the background and let things happen. Some people would say that I let people walk over me, and had no back bone. My back bone was there, but maybe just a tad bit faint. I never have been one to speak up if something is wrong. I am my fathers daughter. But lately things have been happening, that I realize my back bone needs to come out in full force. I have my standards, but they need to be raised. Not to an extent where nobody feels comfortable being around me, but to let people know that they can’t treat me any way they want and it’s okay. It’s not okay. It has taken a lot of sleepless nights tossing and turning, a few tears shed, books read, to realize I am a beautiful person, who deserves what this world has to offer, and I don’t need to settle for anything less. Maybe I am to blame a bit for allowing this to happen, but I can’t take full responsibility. It’s frustrating when you hear that women need to be quite, and not make a peep. And if we speak up about our beauty, intelligence etc we are high maintenance. Clearly there is a difference, and so what if we require a little more attention. We are daughters of a King, and if he loved us enough to die for us, I don’t think it’s asking too much for a little more respect on the male species part. Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve!


You are beautiful. You are loved. You are enough.

I’ve Been MIA

Yikes…!! I haven’t been on here for almost two months. I feel like I publish these types of posts more than any other. This needs to stop.



I’ve been quite busy though! Summer is almost over, and store shelves are full of school supplies already. This mom is ready 🙂

I survived basketball and tball lessons with the munchkin, yet still tackling golf. He ended up canceling his guitar as he states it isn’t fun and something he wants to do right now. I wanted to scream! But then remembered that it’s his life, and if he isn’t ready now, maybe he will be later. I rather he be honest than sit through it miserable because he feels like I’m pushing him (Plus, it saves me money right?!).

As for me, I’m  just about finished with this summer’s semester of classes. I’m just a tad bit excited because guess what..?


I’m almost done with school!

Well, for now at least. I plan to continue my education through a PHD. I’ve already started my search for programs and have some interest in a couple. We’ll see! 🙂


Back to the laundry, cleaning, & mommy-ing that today holds until my time to clock in.


I’m Not A Soccer Mom.. Yet 

My son is like any normal 6 year old boy. Active. Super active. And when I say this I don’t mean it lightly. If he could, and my body would allow, we’d be outside every day, all day.  I’ve had so many people tell me that he’s probably ADHD but I refuse to accept that. He’s only 6! He’s also all boy! What do you expect him to do?

I make it my mission to get outside at least for an hour or so every day throwing ball, playing basketball, or riding bikes. Not only is it great exercise, it wears him out and he sleeps like a baby (My secret ☺️). 

The Summer is coming up and it’s a time for every kid to find themselves infront of the “boob tube” all day while eating junk food. I reached out to my community and found different activities that he can partake it that also fit my work schedule. Yay! So the itinerary consists of…

Golf: Monday’s 5:15-6:00

Tball: Wednesday’s 6:20-7:20

Guitar: Monday’s 6:00-6:30

Basketball: Tuesday’s 12:00-3:00

And in between those I snuck in some day activities held at or community center. I always thought I’d be a soccer mom (I’m working on finding a program) though until that day I will be every thing but. 

Bring on these crazy summer days. 

My Weekend In Pictures

I had a pretty busy weekend so I thought I’d share in pictures instead of writing mile long paragraphs… Okay, maybe I’ll give a little explanation about what the pictures all mean. Can’t have you guessing! 

Pictures are okay right? 

I had the privilege of giving my son his first pin for his participation in Adventurers Club at our church. 

Saturday after church (we are Sabbath keepers) our congregation decided to host our potluck at a nearby park and spend the day relaxing, playing field games, and going hiking on the trails. Us young adults spent the afternoon playing baseball, football, and frisbee. Next time I’ll remember the sunscreen. Ouch! 

Sunday I decided to take off with my son and mother to head downtown and do some shopping. We stopped at The Grainery and Bekah Kate’s. Two cute, simplistic stores that offer a variety of home goods and natural, organic foods, oils, and proteins. 

Finally, on Sunday evening we planted our garden and prayed over it that we will have a good season. We’ll see how it goes! 
Happy week to you all! 

Panic Tuesday

Tuesday. The first day of the work week for me as I have off Monday’s to take care of my school assignments and have some time to myself while my son is in school. I wake up at 6:00am and I am to work by 6:40am. Today started off fine, I clocked in, looked at what needed to be done for the day, and started in. Then 9:00am came and so did a lovely panic attack. I’m not talking about the moments in time where I tense up, get wheezy in the stomach and sweaty palms. I’m talking about the moments of sudden fear, body trembling, and feeling like I’m going to pass out. It sucks. It sucks big time! And it came out of no where. I ran, literally, into the break room and grabbed a cup full of water and sat down. I remembered what my therapist had taught me about deep breathing and the relaxation techniques that followed. I sat at the table still shaking and stayed there until I could feel my body start to relax. That is the creepiest feeling in the world. Every panic attack has a climax and once it’s hit your body will then automatically kick itself out of it and you just have a sense of relaxation and warmth. I guess that’s the only good thing about having a panic attack; they won’t last forever. Your body won’t allow it.  

I haven’t had a full blown panic attack in over a year but for some reason this month my anxiety has been out of control. What’s to blame? Maybe my stress levels involving school, work, mom duties, and trying to juggle what life throws at me? I can probably blame my poor diet this past month as well. My sugar intake has been terrible as well as the amount of greasy foods, which really excited my face enough that it decided to break out. 

One thing about having panic attacks is that you feel like a complete idiot. It’s something that you can’t explain to a person who has never gone through it. For minutes your mind just feels fuzzy and you have fear over absolute nothing. I feel like some sort of monster. I used to hate this feeling because I was always insecure of how people would view me when they would see me go through them. But you know what… I’ve grown to love myself and accept that this is just who I am. The diagnoses of anxiety is hitting at high rates and with today’s world it’s easy to see why. Our lives are hectic. It’s a constant on the go 24/7, always trying to be the best, achieve the most, and live up to the standards of those around you. That’s not me, and I’m okay with that. I’m okay with being me. A person with anxiety. 

I’m Meaghan. A 25 year old single mother, college student, daughter, sister, and person living with a mental Illness, and I love myself for it. 
Let’s erase the stigma. 

Sunday Funday: Mom Style

Sunday Funday. Two words that are used frequently in the state of Wisconsin. For most, it means people get together, hang out, and drink. That’s the typical thing to do in Wisconsin right? Well for this momma (who doesn’t drink) Sunday Funday rarely consists of anything”fun”. Though I do try to get out of the house on Sunday’s whether it be to take the little man some place fun, a short shopping trip, or farmers markets, this Sunday consisted of cleaning. A full day of cleaning. 

I’m exhausted! 

We had a late night yesterday as we were visiting with friends and didn’t arrive home until about midnight so I took advantage of sleeping in this morning. Or so I thought. Levi (the little man) still stayed on his schedule and woke up at 7:30am bright eyed. So I woke up, cooked a small breakfast and started in. One thing I have learned is how great mothers are at multi-tasking. I had the dishwasher going as well as the washing machine and dryer while I had cleaner soaking in the toilet, shower, and sink. When I finished hanging out one load of laundry I was folding the load that had just finished in the dryer. And of course being the typical family, it seemed like I was going right behind Levi picking up what I had just put away. Thank God for my neighbor who just bought her kids a trampoline. Free daycare! Levi found himself jumping away for hours while I then worked outside pulling weeds and getting the garden ready to plant. I am now finally able to sit down and relax while I eat my lunch… Yeah, I missed it today. 

My bed has never looked so good as it does tonight. 

Hope everybody had a great productive weekend! 

Spring Cleaning

Spring has finally sprung here in Wisconsin! The weather is beautiful, sun is shining, and flowers are starting to fill people’s gardens. As much as we need to remember to spring clean our yards , we must not forget the inside too. And by inside, more specifically, I mean our closets.

Over the years it’s easy to accumulate piles of clothes that we don’t have enough hangers for. I’m guilty of this myself. But then after they are purchased they sit in the closet because there’s not enough time to wear every outfit I have. I highly recommend going through your closet every Spring and gather the articles of clothing that you haven’t worn in the past year. If you didn’t wear it the past year, you won’t wear it the following year. There are many places where you can donate your clothing or even host a garage sale and try to bring back some of the money that was spent on them! Trust me, you’ll feel a lot lighter once you dig through and pull out items that you realize are not your style though they were at the time of purchase.

What Is Happening Here? 

I laid in bed last night and kept contemplating the chances of me being shot while driving on the road or even when filling my car up with gas… Let me fill you in and tell you why I was having these ridiculous thoughts..

Maybe a month ago, a man was shot and killed outside a restaurant/bar with multiple innocent bystanders in the parking lot as well.
Two weeks ago a young man, maybe 20, shot and killed two men inside an apartment and took off with his two older brothers. They were driving on the interstate and a car driving a family home from vacation was shot at by this same boy, killing the mother/wife. People started calling into 9-1-1 saying that the car was driving erratically and every time someone tried to pass they’d put a gun out the windows like they were going to shoot. The police pursuit ended with him being shot and killed as he stepped out from the car and started charging police with his gun.
Two days ago a man was shot and killed while sitting in a car at a very busy and popular gas station in broad daylight. He was friends with the man killed outside the restaurant/bar. Left behind a wife and four daughters. 

Last night another man was shot and killed while in the parking lot of yet another busy and popular gas station in broad daylight. Police said it was a miracle no one else was shot with the amount of shell casings they found. Still trying to see if this incident is connected to the others.

Two days ago they arrested a 16 yr old boy in connection with other recent shootings in the area. This time right by my church (which has been hit by bullets in the past). 

Since when do men thinks it’s okay to pick up a gun and take another human life? Since when do they realize that in partaking in this activity you are putting innocent people at risk? Since when do they even consider themselves to be men? I shouldn’t have to worry that spending a Sunday afternoon driving to go shopping or walking across parking lots could result in me or my family losing our lives. I will never understand the mentality of those who feel it humane to kill another person over some type of “beef”, drug deal, or gang activity. The respect for human life has gone downhill. There is none. We have people as young as 12 picking up guns and throwing up gang signs. Their babies. And this isn’t a one person problem or a racial group problem, this is a problem because of us all. We need to step up and take back our community. We need to start teaching kids to have respect for human life. We need to catch them when they are young because if we don’t, the police will when they get older. 

Mothers Day

This past Sunday was Mothers Day as we all know. I hope that every mom out there was well loved and spoiled that day! We deserve that every once in a while. A mothers job, like they say, is never done. It is a 24/7, 365 type of job. I spent the day grocery shopping, cleaning, and hanging out laundry. 

See what I mean about it being a non stop, around the clock job. When the cupboards are bare and laundry piles are staked a mile high, Mothers Day is just that. A day for mothers to do motherly things. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. As much as it can be ugly and under appreciated, being able to give birth and have someone carry my genes and traits is a blessing that unfortunately not every woman is able to experience. Cherish the good, bad, and ugly because God chose you to be a mother. There must be a reason ☺️

My Team Players 

I have never been one that struggles tremendously with acne though when I do break out it always seems to be around my chin and consistently the same time every month. Ohh Mother Nature, how I love thee.  Frustration set in really fast because at 25, I feel like I need to get this under control. I searched store after store and it seemed like everything dried my face out completely. I would finish washing my face and it felt like it was being stretched to its limits. 

I had heard of Aveeno before but never gave it a thought to try. I now know what I have been missing out on. Why did I not try this sooner!? I am absolutely in love with all their products and have found what works for clearing my face and helping to even my skin tone. I never believed that products could even skin tone but Aveeno Clear Complexion and the Brightening Cleanser do the job. My skin looks beautiful and it has been a huge boost of self confidence. Not only that but I have started using the eye serum and the absolutely ageless products. It’s never too early to start and I contribute that (and great genes; thanks mom and dad) to why people consider me to be 15 years old and that my son is actually my brother. Yes it happens all the time. 

Try the products out and let me know how they work for you! Or if you use them currently, what are your favorites? Any tricks or secrets to share ore recommended products?