Rain, rain, go away..I don’t want anxiety today.

I’m blogging as I sit in the car driving home from church on this rainy Saturday. It’s been raining since last night, with no plans of stopping until tomorrow. Apparently it’s because of the hurricane that hit Mexico. Really? I have my doubts, but okay.

Anxiety. My least favorite word. It seems to be worse when it’s raining, or just a day with lack of sunshine. I’ve been told that I suffer with seasonal depression, and to be honest, I’d agree with that statement. I feel down, tired, anxious, and every other negative emotion. Today was bad especially. I wasn’t even out of my bed and I was anxious over nothing, like usual. That’s the worst thing about anxiety. It’s over nothing. Sitting in church, all of a sudden I became light headed and could feel my heart racing like it was in the Indy 500. I quick stood up, walked out of the room and calmed myself down within minutes. A couple years ago it wouldn’t have been that easy. I would have had a full blown panic attack. But let’s see what the rest of the day holds. As of now I feel great. It may be a good day to cuddle up with a good book, hot chocolate, and a fuzzy blanket, until it’s time to hand out candy to all the little monsters.

Happy Halloween 🎃

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