“Mom, I did it too.”

I’ll make this short because I have an exam I should be studying for, dishes in the sink, and laundry in the hampers. This was just too good to pass up the opportunity to blog.

Recently I have fallen in love with heated charcoal to use as a face mask. After applying the mask Sunday night I walk out of the bathroom and meet my son in the kitchen who must have thought I was trying to be funny as he started laughing, and chasing me around the dining room table a good 3 or 4 times. Eventually I told him what I was doing and that he needed to not try and touch my face. The next thing you know, he walks out of my bedroom and is gone for about 5 minutes. I head into the bathroom to rinse my mask off and once again meet him, only this time he looked a little different. image

“Mom, I did it too” was all that he said when I was faced with a child covered in blue marker all the way down to his belly button. Here’s one for the baby book! At least it was washable!

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