I’ve been away from here for a few days. No by choice but because I’ve been dealing with some of life’s issues i.e. Relationships. That word that can make you smile yet cry at the same time. Though it’s never bad to take some time and focus on yourself and where you can improve for the future.

But moving on, I spent last Monday driving through the country finding small Amish communities and stopping by their bakeries/grocery stores and bent-n-dents. I am fascinated with these places and love to see them in their fields. Honestly, I don’t know any other group of people that work harder than the Amish. In most of their communities you will find these stores called bent-n-dents. In a nutshell, they obtain food from grocery stores that they refuse to put on the shelves because things may be dented or just not “pretty” enough for people to buy (Too many picky people). The Amish will then sell it in their stores but for very cheap prices. This is the part that I love about these stores! Here are some pictures of the one place I stopped at. We walked out with 2 big boxes of food and then a cart full of more goodies for around $50!

image image image

Has anybody else stopped at places like this? ..

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