My Team Players 

I have never been one that struggles tremendously with acne though when I do break out it always seems to be around my chin and consistently the same time every month. Ohh Mother Nature, how I love thee.  Frustration set in really fast because at 25, I feel like I need to get this under control. I searched store after store and it seemed like everything dried my face out completely. I would finish washing my face and it felt like it was being stretched to its limits. 

I had heard of Aveeno before but never gave it a thought to try. I now know what I have been missing out on. Why did I not try this sooner!? I am absolutely in love with all their products and have found what works for clearing my face and helping to even my skin tone. I never believed that products could even skin tone but Aveeno Clear Complexion and the Brightening Cleanser do the job. My skin looks beautiful and it has been a huge boost of self confidence. Not only that but I have started using the eye serum and the absolutely ageless products. It’s never too early to start and I contribute that (and great genes; thanks mom and dad) to why people consider me to be 15 years old and that my son is actually my brother. Yes it happens all the time. 

Try the products out and let me know how they work for you! Or if you use them currently, what are your favorites? Any tricks or secrets to share ore recommended products? 



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