Spring Cleaning

Spring has finally sprung here in Wisconsin! The weather is beautiful, sun is shining, and flowers are starting to fill people’s gardens. As much as we need to remember to spring clean our yards , we must not forget the inside too. And by inside, more specifically, I mean our closets.

Over the years it’s easy to accumulate piles of clothes that we don’t have enough hangers for. I’m guilty of this myself. But then after they are purchased they sit in the closet because there’s not enough time to wear every outfit I have. I highly recommend going through your closet every Spring and gather the articles of clothing that you haven’t worn in the past year. If you didn’t wear it the past year, you won’t wear it the following year. There are many places where you can donate your clothing or even host a garage sale and try to bring back some of the money that was spent on them! Trust me, you’ll feel a lot lighter once you dig through and pull out items that you realize are not your style though they were at the time of purchase.


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