What Is Happening Here? 

I laid in bed last night and kept contemplating the chances of me being shot while driving on the road or even when filling my car up with gas… Let me fill you in and tell you why I was having these ridiculous thoughts..

Maybe a month ago, a man was shot and killed outside a restaurant/bar with multiple innocent bystanders in the parking lot as well.
Two weeks ago a young man, maybe 20, shot and killed two men inside an apartment and took off with his two older brothers. They were driving on the interstate and a car driving a family home from vacation was shot at by this same boy, killing the mother/wife. People started calling into 9-1-1 saying that the car was driving erratically and every time someone tried to pass they’d put a gun out the windows like they were going to shoot. The police pursuit ended with him being shot and killed as he stepped out from the car and started charging police with his gun.
Two days ago a man was shot and killed while sitting in a car at a very busy and popular gas station in broad daylight. He was friends with the man killed outside the restaurant/bar. Left behind a wife and four daughters. 

Last night another man was shot and killed while in the parking lot of yet another busy and popular gas station in broad daylight. Police said it was a miracle no one else was shot with the amount of shell casings they found. Still trying to see if this incident is connected to the others.

Two days ago they arrested a 16 yr old boy in connection with other recent shootings in the area. This time right by my church (which has been hit by bullets in the past). 

Since when do men thinks it’s okay to pick up a gun and take another human life? Since when do they realize that in partaking in this activity you are putting innocent people at risk? Since when do they even consider themselves to be men? I shouldn’t have to worry that spending a Sunday afternoon driving to go shopping or walking across parking lots could result in me or my family losing our lives. I will never understand the mentality of those who feel it humane to kill another person over some type of “beef”, drug deal, or gang activity. The respect for human life has gone downhill. There is none. We have people as young as 12 picking up guns and throwing up gang signs. Their babies. And this isn’t a one person problem or a racial group problem, this is a problem because of us all. We need to step up and take back our community. We need to start teaching kids to have respect for human life. We need to catch them when they are young because if we don’t, the police will when they get older. 


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