Sunday Funday: Mom Style

Sunday Funday. Two words that are used frequently in the state of Wisconsin. For most, it means people get together, hang out, and drink. That’s the typical thing to do in Wisconsin right? Well for this momma (who doesn’t drink) Sunday Funday rarely consists of anything”fun”. Though I do try to get out of the house on Sunday’s whether it be to take the little man some place fun, a short shopping trip, or farmers markets, this Sunday consisted of cleaning. A full day of cleaning. 

I’m exhausted! 

We had a late night yesterday as we were visiting with friends and didn’t arrive home until about midnight so I took advantage of sleeping in this morning. Or so I thought. Levi (the little man) still stayed on his schedule and woke up at 7:30am bright eyed. So I woke up, cooked a small breakfast and started in. One thing I have learned is how great mothers are at multi-tasking. I had the dishwasher going as well as the washing machine and dryer while I had cleaner soaking in the toilet, shower, and sink. When I finished hanging out one load of laundry I was folding the load that had just finished in the dryer. And of course being the typical family, it seemed like I was going right behind Levi picking up what I had just put away. Thank God for my neighbor who just bought her kids a trampoline. Free daycare! Levi found himself jumping away for hours while I then worked outside pulling weeds and getting the garden ready to plant. I am now finally able to sit down and relax while I eat my lunch… Yeah, I missed it today. 

My bed has never looked so good as it does tonight. 

Hope everybody had a great productive weekend! 


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