I’m Not A Soccer Mom.. Yet 

My son is like any normal 6 year old boy. Active. Super active. And when I say this I don’t mean it lightly. If he could, and my body would allow, we’d be outside every day, all day.  I’ve had so many people tell me that he’s probably ADHD but I refuse to accept that. He’s only 6! He’s also all boy! What do you expect him to do?

I make it my mission to get outside at least for an hour or so every day throwing ball, playing basketball, or riding bikes. Not only is it great exercise, it wears him out and he sleeps like a baby (My secret ☺️). 

The Summer is coming up and it’s a time for every kid to find themselves infront of the “boob tube” all day while eating junk food. I reached out to my community and found different activities that he can partake it that also fit my work schedule. Yay! So the itinerary consists of…

Golf: Monday’s 5:15-6:00

Tball: Wednesday’s 6:20-7:20

Guitar: Monday’s 6:00-6:30

Basketball: Tuesday’s 12:00-3:00

And in between those I snuck in some day activities held at or community center. I always thought I’d be a soccer mom (I’m working on finding a program) though until that day I will be every thing but. 

Bring on these crazy summer days. 


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