My Weekend In Pictures

I had a pretty busy weekend so I thought I’d share in pictures instead of writing mile long paragraphs… Okay, maybe I’ll give a little explanation about what the pictures all mean. Can’t have you guessing! 

Pictures are okay right? 

I had the privilege of giving my son his first pin for his participation in Adventurers Club at our church. 

Saturday after church (we are Sabbath keepers) our congregation decided to host our potluck at a nearby park and spend the day relaxing, playing field games, and going hiking on the trails. Us young adults spent the afternoon playing baseball, football, and frisbee. Next time I’ll remember the sunscreen. Ouch! 

Sunday I decided to take off with my son and mother to head downtown and do some shopping. We stopped at The Grainery and Bekah Kate’s. Two cute, simplistic stores that offer a variety of home goods and natural, organic foods, oils, and proteins. 

Finally, on Sunday evening we planted our garden and prayed over it that we will have a good season. We’ll see how it goes! 
Happy week to you all! 


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