I’ve Been MIA

Yikes…!! I haven’t been on here for almost two months. I feel like I publish these types of posts more than any other. This needs to stop.



I’ve been quite busy though! Summer is almost over, and store shelves are full of school supplies already. This mom is ready 🙂

I survived basketball and tball lessons with the munchkin, yet still tackling golf. He ended up canceling his guitar as he states it isn’t fun and something he wants to do right now. I wanted to scream! But then remembered that it’s his life, and if he isn’t ready now, maybe he will be later. I rather he be honest than sit through it miserable because he feels like I’m pushing him (Plus, it saves me money right?!).

As for me, I’m  just about finished with this summer’s semester of classes. I’m just a tad bit excited because guess what..?


I’m almost done with school!

Well, for now at least. I plan to continue my education through a PHD. I’ve already started my search for programs and have some interest in a couple. We’ll see! 🙂


Back to the laundry, cleaning, & mommy-ing that today holds until my time to clock in.



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