Where Have I Been?!


I haven’t been on here in a long time. A very long time. The reason why I probably have less than ten people following me. Oh well. I’ll get back on track here!

I have really realized how having a blog has been a great release from my anxiety. I never knew what doing this could do for me, but it has been great. I’m glad to be back, and look forward to blogging more about what’s been going on with me (Not that y’all care or anything) 🙂


“I’m scared for my people”: Minneapolis Black Lives Matter activists on what terrifies them most

As the mother of a biracial son, I fear for how his life will be when he gets older. I shouldn’t have to though, and that’s the problem. One thing that bugs me though is when my friends who have 100% white children tell me, “Well I fear for my kids lives too in this world, and they are white”….. They don’t get it. They will never get it.



Source: “I’m scared for my people”: Minneapolis Black Lives Matter activists on what terrifies them most


I’ve been away from here for a few days. No by choice but because I’ve been dealing with some of life’s issues i.e. Relationships. That word that can make you smile yet cry at the same time. Though it’s never bad to take some time and focus on yourself and where you can improve for the future.

But moving on, I spent last Monday driving through the country finding small Amish communities and stopping by their bakeries/grocery stores and bent-n-dents. I am fascinated with these places and love to see them in their fields. Honestly, I don’t know any other group of people that work harder than the Amish. In most of their communities you will find these stores called bent-n-dents. In a nutshell, they obtain food from grocery stores that they refuse to put on the shelves because things may be dented or just not “pretty” enough for people to buy (Too many picky people). The Amish will then sell it in their stores but for very cheap prices. This is the part that I love about these stores! Here are some pictures of the one place I stopped at. We walked out with 2 big boxes of food and then a cart full of more goodies for around $50!

image image image

Has anybody else stopped at places like this? ..

“Mom, I did it too.”

I’ll make this short because I have an exam I should be studying for, dishes in the sink, and laundry in the hampers. This was just too good to pass up the opportunity to blog.

Recently I have fallen in love with heated charcoal to use as a face mask. After applying the mask Sunday night I walk out of the bathroom and meet my son in the kitchen who must have thought I was trying to be funny as he started laughing, and chasing me around the dining room table a good 3 or 4 times. Eventually I told him what I was doing and that he needed to not try and touch my face. The next thing you know, he walks out of my bedroom and is gone for about 5 minutes. I head into the bathroom to rinse my mask off and once again meet him, only this time he looked a little different. image

“Mom, I did it too” was all that he said when I was faced with a child covered in blue marker all the way down to his belly button. Here’s one for the baby book! At least it was washable!

Rain, rain, go away..I don’t want anxiety today.

I’m blogging as I sit in the car driving home from church on this rainy Saturday. It’s been raining since last night, with no plans of stopping until tomorrow. Apparently it’s because of the hurricane that hit Mexico. Really? I have my doubts, but okay.

Anxiety. My least favorite word. It seems to be worse when it’s raining, or just a day with lack of sunshine. I’ve been told that I suffer with seasonal depression, and to be honest, I’d agree with that statement. I feel down, tired, anxious, and every other negative emotion. Today was bad especially. I wasn’t even out of my bed and I was anxious over nothing, like usual. That’s the worst thing about anxiety. It’s over nothing. Sitting in church, all of a sudden I became light headed and could feel my heart racing like it was in the Indy 500. I quick stood up, walked out of the room and calmed myself down within minutes. A couple years ago it wouldn’t have been that easy. I would have had a full blown panic attack. But let’s see what the rest of the day holds. As of now I feel great. It may be a good day to cuddle up with a good book, hot chocolate, and a fuzzy blanket, until it’s time to hand out candy to all the little monsters.

Happy Halloween 🎃

The Flu Has Hit

image image


The last time I was sick was when I found out I was pushing 5 months pregnant. But the flu? I haven’t had this since grade school. Why me…

Those moments where I need my mom and want to resort back to being a young child but remembering that I am now a mom myself so it’s time to suck it up. (Plus my mom is sick too). The bug is making its way through the house. I called my sister in law this morning so she could take my not so little man to school and then proceeded to text my brother if he could buy Sprite and Ginger Ale to bring over. Twenty minutes later he text me, “Soda is in garage.” That’s all fine and dandy, but I can barely remove myself from the couch. Soda being in the garage won’t help me right now. It’s the thought that counts though right? But let us remember that I have the flu not the plague…

The remote control is my best friend today. Bring on Maury and Law and Order!